A copier is available in all college library system. Hours of services are posted on the area.

a. General Guidelines in the use of Photocopier

1.1 Pursuant to the continuing program of the College in improving equal access and equity and improving the services that will facilitate learning amongst the student, a photocopier per Campus Library was installed.

1.2 The concerned Librarian of every Campus shall supervise the management and operation of the photocopier.


1.3 OMSC academic community may avail of the services of the photocopier for a just and fair charge. (1.50 for short and 2.00 for long and 2.50 for short/long reduced/enlarged).


1.4 The Campus concerned shall provide materials that shall be used in the photocopier such as: bond paper and toner.


      1.5 Electrical consumption, supplies in the operation and maintenance of the machine are chargeable against the income of the project.


b. Specific Guidelines in the use of Photocopier

2.1 Concerned Librarian shall remit daily sales/collections to the cashier’s office.


2.2 Concerned Librarian per Campus shall prepare monthly report with official receipt(s) of the photocopier transactions.


2.3 Approved Instructional Materials Compiled/Prepared by the  Instructors as an end term report shall be charge the usual fee.  Only the accreditation papers those are free of charge.


c. Monitoring and Regulation of Income Generated by the Photocopier

1.1 The sales must at least reconcile with the reams of the bond paper and toner release for the copier.

1.2 The cashier’s office shall maintain a separate account on the sales of the copier.


Return of investment shall be computed every end of the semester by the considering the depreciation cost, cost of labor, materials, electric consumption and net income.