1. Online Public Access Cataloguing (OPAC)


The OPAC is a computerized version of the card catalog. The provision of the OPAC gives easy and quick access to the materials in the library.

 Finding books in the library using OPAC

  a. Know the author, title, subject or keyword.

b. Check the OPAC and look under the author, title, subject or keyword.

c. Copy the call number and look for the book on the shelves.

d. If you have difficulty, ask for librarian’s assistance.

e. Have the book checked out at the circulation counter.


2.   Library Orientations and Tour


To promote maximum utilization of the library’s resources, facilities, services as well as rules and regulation of the libraries, the library offers a guided library orientation and tour to freshmen, faculty members and employees. This is conducted at the beginning of every semester.