A strong library program which fully supports the curricular needs of the institution which fully

integrates into the curriculum of all courses.




            To support the institutions’ instructional, curricular, research and extension programs through an

organized, relevant and fast delivery of information services.





  1. To provide an adequate and stimulating learning environment by providing information resources in pursuit of teaching, research and extension work of the academic institution.  To strengthen and upgrade library collections.
  2. To upgrade existing library facilities and equipment.
  3. To train and enhance the technical skills and competencies of personnel.
  4. To outsource financial support for academic library program.
  5. To evaluate the status of academic library collections.




  1. Regular inventory and survey.
  2. Acquisition of Library materials in various formats.
  3. Present project proposals to authorities of the funding agencies for possible donors.
  4. Upgrade physical facilities and library resources for an effective teaching and learning environment.
  5. Secure/improve financial and administrative support.