General Rules and Regulation


1. Library users are requested to present validated library card in borrowing books at all times.


2. Observe silence at all times

            A. Talking should be done in subdued tone.

            B. All cellular phones must be set to silent mode before entering the library.


3. Use library materials properly. Do not tear page(s) nor underline part(s), as these are forms of vandalism or destruction of public property, as stipulated on OMSC Student manual. (offenses and disciplinary sanctions p.48,3a and b of the student manual)


4. Eating, smoking, sleeping, bringing liquid drinks (bottled water, canned drinks etc.) and making class projects (drawing, cutting, lettering, etc.) inside the library are prohibited. However drawing is allowable in the research room, limited to paper size. (Student   manual p. 49.1)


5. Keep library facilities in order.

           A. Push back chairs after using.

           B. Returning borrowed books and other reading materials to their proper places.


6. Reservation of seats is not permitted (e.g. leaving books and other articles on chairs and tables).


7. The library will not be responsible for the loss of personal belongings.


8. Present your things for inspection before leaving the library.


9. Students are not allowed to borrow books for overnight use, one week before mid-term and final examination.


10. Students who wishes to photocopy a book should leave his/her library borrower’s card, signed the book card and logbook, with a minimum of 10-15 minutes.


           Based from the provisions of Occidental Mindoro State  College Code and from the CHED/PASUC student manual “ offenses and disciplinary sanctions deliberated and approved by SSG officials from four (4) OMSC campuses during the 8th Annual Young Leader Congress (SSGF) on July 20-23, 2006 held at  OMSC.


Note: The library may pass additional rules and regulation which after posting shall form part of the foregoing. Students who are unable to follow any of the foregoing rules may be sanction from the provisions of OMSC College Code/student ha