Prayer for Librarian       


            Send forth thy grace upon us. O God of Wisdom and of Knowledge. Bless, direct and guide us in our library work. Help us to appreciate the intrinsic value of good books, to understand that they constitute the diary of the human race, to recognize that they provide us with sustenance for the mind. It is through books that we converse with the wise men of old, learn the history of the past to enable us to live in the present and to plan for the future, find pleasure to divert us from the wearying tasks of the day. Teach us that in good books we have not merely mines of information, storehouses of knowledge, and treasures of wisdom, but also companions and guides and friends. But most important of all, impress upon us a realization that for our happiness here and hereafter intellectual brilliance is not enough, that virtuous living must be ours. And so, through our reading may we come to know Thee more intimately and to love Thee through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, the Word Who is with God and Who is God, the Word Who was made flesh and Who, dwelling amongst us, proclaimed that the truth would make us free, that it is He, the Son Of God, Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life all of us.