Occidental Mindoro State College (OMSC) started in 1966 as San                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Jose Barrio High School. The school was housed temporarily, at the ten-room PTA (Parents Teachers Association) building inside the campus of the public elementary school of Poblacion, San Jose. No room was set aside as library. If the students wanted to use books, they borrowed from Ms. Arsenia Santos & Ms. Avelina Noble, the property custodian and clerk of the barrio school, respectively.


 Development of knowledge is acquired on the availability and use of learning materials present in a Library. Two years later, a ten room Marcos type pre-fabricated building was constructed for the barrio high school,   inside the former compound of the Bureau of Lands. Again, no room was set aside as library. The students continued the practice of borrowing books from the property custodian and her assistant.


 By that time, funds for the operation of San Jose Barrio High School were sourced out from the municipal government, thus, the school became known as San Jose Municipal High School. In 1971, it was elevated to the status of a national high school.


 It was during School Year 1972-’73 when OMSC, then known as San Jose National High School (SJNHS) formally organized a library for its growing student population. A big room on the second floor of a two storey wooden structure called Quirino Building, located at the western side of SJNHS, was used for that purpose. Mr. Bernabe Macaraig, the school   principal, appointed Ms. Pacita M. Candelario as school Librarian. 


During School Year 1974 - 75, a new two storey concrete administration building was constructed at the southern portion of the school campus along Rizal Street. A more spacious room in its second floor was used as library. Encyclopedia and dictionaries plus additional volumes and 26 titles of books were added to its inventory. Four kinds of newspaper and magazines were subscribed. Built-in cabinets & bookshelves replaced the 3 undersized bookshelves. Additional tables & chairs for reading, study & research were made for library user.


In 1983, by virtue of Batas Pambansa Blg. 531, sponsored in Congress by Hon. Pedro T. Mendiola, Sr. and his fellow assemblymen from Region IV, San Jose National High School was raised to the status of a national college, now called as Occidental Mindoro State College. Since the school started to offer collegiate courses, reference books and reading materials for college students were purchased.


A few months after the 1986 peaceful revolution in EDSA, Mr. Macaraig was replaced by Ms. Virginia Sicat as school administrator. During her brief stint as officer in charge of OMSC, Ms. Sicat saw to it that the teachers and employees, including the librarian, have appointment papers approved by the Civil Service Commission.


OIC Virginia Sicat was succeeded as administrator of OMSC by Dr. Ofelia Rebong, in latter part of 1987. by the time, the head of OMSC was already called by the title of President. As college president, Dr. Rebong worked for the construction of additional concrete buildings. The library building transferred to the right wing of the Administration Building along Quirino Street. More reference books and reading materials were purchased for the library. A Library counter and additional bookshelves were made.


Dr. Sofronio Sanqui became the president of OMSC when Dr. Rebong  retired. In the middle part of 1990s, and in his desire to   provide the students with a spacious room which is more conducive to learning, the library was transferred to Labangan Campus. This time, the Library was divided into two. The Library for college students remained at the main campus, however, another library was organized at Labangan Campus the Argo-Forestry Center Library to cater the needs of students and that of the graduate school.


Dr. Sofronio S. Sanqui appointed Mrs. Elvira S. Escalada as the head Librarian of the Labangan Campus College Library, with her was Mrs. Angelina G. Argel as Librarian Designate.


Due to the rapid growth of student population, the high school department from OMSC Main campus was transferred to Labangan campus. Later on, a library for high school students was established. The college library of Labangan campus was at the second floor of the former dormitory of OMSC at the north eastern part of Brgy.


The library catered to the needs of college students and instructors who were holding classes at the building which was constructed, lately. Years later, the said building became the main building of OMSC Labangan Campus.


Since Ms. Candelario has retired, Ms. Elvira Escalada succeeded as College Librarian III, as head of the OMSC Library with her are Ms. Lelita C. Estorninos College Librarian I and Ms. Angelina G. Argel Librarian Designate. However, Ms. Millie Rimo, College Librarian I take charge of the library at the main campus. With her are Ms. Annizeth Antolin, College Librarian I and Ms. Aurora  Aguilana,  Librarian- Designate. Murtha College Library is managed by Rebecca G. Gomez while the Mamburao College Library is by Karyl Maricar R. Villaflores. These four libraries are organized and supervised by the Chief Librarian, Elvira S. Escalada.


 Those who attend to the needs of students in the college library of Labangan campus are Mrs. Elvira S. Escalada, College Librarian III, Ms. Lelita S. Estorninos, College Librarian I and Cornelia Espinosa, Librarian-Designate.


Those who were appointed as librarians of OMSC are all Bachelor of Science degree and major and minor in Library Science, have passed the Professional Regulation Commission’s PRC) board examination for librarians and all are licensed to practice their profession. Moreover, the teachers who were designated as librarians are all holders of Bachelor of Science in Education degree, have passed the PRC examination for teachers and are all licensed to practice their profession.


 The Labangan Campus Library at the Argo-Forestry Bldg. remained in its first location until June 2006. Then it was totally vacated and transferred to the JTV Bldg. 2f, to facilitate better service to all the students enrolled in Criminology, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Education Technology Allied Courses.


The election of Dr. Arnold N. Venturina on September 13, 2009 ushered a new era in the administration of its Library services. The   following year, 2010, thru the initiative of Dr. Venturina a total of 10,000 volumes of books and reading materials were received from the Ohio State University. With the increasing number of books and Library    users, Dr. Venturina worked out for the construction of a two-storey 12 classroom building at the Labangan Campus where in the second floor was solely used as the new College Library.


 Also during his reigned, on November 2017 the birth of Lubang Campus Library took place. The first manned the library on that campus is Ms. Jannette Masangkay under the supervision of their very efficient Campus Director Dr. Miguel Elausa.


After the retirement of Ms. Lelita Estorninos as Officer-in-charge Head Librarian in 2016, Ms. Anniezeth A. Antolin finished her Master’s Degree and was appointed as College Librarian III in August 2017. She took charge the responsibility as the Chief Librarian. She was tasked to supervise the whole Library system. With her is Ms. May Grace Manuel, Librarian Designate at San Jose (former Main Campus) Campus Library, Ms. Marlive Cabanes (College Librarian I) at Sablayan Campus, Ms. Bea Blanca Villajos,(College Librarian I) Mamburao Campus and Ms. Rosalie Magarro Librarian Designate at Murtha Campus.

In 2019, the library campuses have more than 43,000 volumes of books that continuously serve as references and textbook of all library users across campuses. E-Books and E-journals are continually increasing as wells as the linkages and affiliates of the Library.